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Brainwave Controller

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Brainwave Controller - Control your brainwave with binaural beats -(* If you have trouble with playing binaural beats, please let us know from "feedback" form in app.)
Binaural beats stimulates specific brainwaves when you listen to them. If you match the binaural frequency with the brainwave frequencies you want to increase the binaural beats sounds invokes your brainwaves to match.
Choice situation that you want to increase brainwaves.You can tweak pitch from 30 Hz to 300 Hz, as well.
• Brainwave for very deep sleep, deep sleep and dreaming sleep• Brainwave for drowsy and relaxation• Brainwave for active• Brainwave for concentration• Brainwave for perception• Playing binaural beats sound in background is supported. You can use other apps or turn off screen with playing binaural beats.• Playing binaural beats sound with music in background is supported. You can enjoy music by using music player with playing binaural beats in background at the same time. Music and binaural beats are mixed automatically.• Quit timer is available.• Feedback form is available. Developer is in active. Please let us know your requests.